NewGen IT have signed the Multiyear Contract with the largest Mutual Fund Company for the “Supply and Implementation of Antivirus Security Software Solutions and Licenses”         NewGen IT have signed the Alliances with Veritas Technologies LLC; it specializes in storage management software         NewGen IT have signed the Multiyear and Multi Million deals with the first and largest payments bank for managing their Event Streaming Platform and Application to Store, search, and analyze the data quickly and in near real-time basis         NewGen IT successfully implemented a NetBackup solution for a world’s largest Mmultinational food, snack and beverage corporation.

IT Infrastructure Managed Services

Manage your IT environment for optimum utilization. We help you slash expenses by employing our experts as your extended team. Newgen IT team not only reacts to issues but takes proactive measures to prevent them, on your behalf.

Cyber Security

Your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business. Ensure the health of your critical equipment such as servers and networks with our infrastructure management services. We troubleshoot instantaneously and minimize loss, while also taking practical steps toward securing your infrastructure.

Application Services

The process of configuring, monitoring, optimizing, and orchestrating different app services is known as application services management.
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We are headquartered in Singapore with operations in all parts of the world. As a one-stop shop for IT Infrastructure, Newgen IT has secured clients in the F&B, IT, Energy, Telecommunications, Education, Healthcare, and Consumer industries.

We aim to keep our customers’ IT Infrastructure secure, healthy, and yielding while helping them to focus on innovation more than maintenance.

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