NewGen IT have signed the Multiyear Contract with the largest Mutual Fund Company for the “Supply and Implementation of Antivirus Security Software Solutions and Licenses”         NewGen IT have signed the Alliances with Veritas Technologies LLC; it specializes in storage management software         NewGen IT have signed the Multiyear and Multi Million deals with the first and largest payments bank for managing their Event Streaming Platform and Application to Store, search, and analyze the data quickly and in near real-time basis         NewGen IT successfully implemented a NetBackup solution for a world’s largest Mmultinational food, snack and beverage corporation.

Company profile

Who We Are

NewGen IT is a one-stop destination for an IT Services, providing regional IT Infrastructure Managed Services, Cyber Security solutions, Application Services and HR Managed Services (FMS) to our customers globally. NewGen IT focuses on keeping its clients in the mainstream of continually evolving technology. We understand technology is the enabler and understand that there is always a scarcity of resources to abreast the right technology. We work with our clients from the initial stages of planning their technology investments, helping them tie-up with the best of breed partners and then help all the stakeholders to manage the expectations, ensure checks and balances for timely delivery with financial prudence.

NewGen IT is not a reseller of any software or hardware products thus bringing a vendor agnostic point of view. This gives us the unique ability to perform as the technical liaison for our clients and become a true member of the team. Because we are completely unbiased, this ensures a very high level of ethics and professionalism.

Clients are looking for capabilities on demand and not capacity on demand. Large IT service providers are not agile enough to fulfil the specific skill set required to complete strategic tasks. We realized this gap across solution design.


As a global services provider, NewGen IT and alliance partner caters to its Fortune 500 clients and enjoys a superior rating and strong positioning in the Oracle solutions provider marketplace. NewGen IT demonstrates its capabilities to its clients by providing high quality services and continuously exceeding our SLA-based requirements at a fixed cost. We have always sought to create “Win-Win” relationships with our clients by providing value added solutions that transcend the normal scope of work.

NewGen IT believes in a “customers first” philosophy and in aligning with our clients’ goals and objectives. Our Innovative and Flexible approach backed by Deep Knowledge & Expertise enables us to align Business and Technology for our Clients, to help them succeed in their Marketplace.

Over the past four (04) years, we have deployed various IT Solutions and Services to our clients globally in about 22 + countries. Our clients include in the Banking, Mutual Fund, Energy, IT & Telecommunications, Power and Gas Exchange, Wellness, Retail, Mining, Consumer, Real Estate, Pharma, BPO, Software Mfg., Logistics, Indian and Global Sis, Distributors, Hotels etc…We deliver our commitment with 100% satisfaction to our clients.

NewGen IT was formed in Singapore and expanded their operations to Australia, India, UAE, Hong Kong, USA, and Europe.

Core Values

Our business is run by our customers. By understanding your pain and passion points, we align our actions and strategies to meet your goals. To do so, we empower our employees to continually deliver excellence within an inclusive work atmosphere. As a global entity, we believe in teamwork, laser-sharp focus, social responsibilities, and the entrepreneurial spirit.


We understand that a cohesive team beats individual talent. For that reason, we take proactive steps to boost teamwork. We hold collaborative sessions and meetings to spark creativity, increase participation, and reward excellence.

Our Mission

Efficiently & effectively assist clients in meeting their global IT requirements to help them achieve business goals.

Our Vision

We aim to be the trusted partner of choice in the global IT service market.